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Selling a Waterbury Home Is Easier with a Deep Clean

11/3/2022 (Permalink)

Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned table tent on a wood surface Our Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned program gives your home a way forward by providing you ongoing safety and assuredness.

SERVPRO Experts Help Make Waterbury Homes Shine

Bringing a house to market can be one of the more stressful objectives of a lifetime, meeting dozens of expectations for potential buyers and consistently working to put your home's best foot forward. There are dozens of factors that impact this success, including a thorough cleaning of the property to ensure curb appeal and an attractive interior.

Cleaning is ultimately one of the most critical factors when persuading potential buyers. Proper cleaning can help sellers move their properties faster when the job is done correctly. This is why SERVPRO has a specific branch of restoration services dedicated explicitly to pre-sale cleaning and all the actions that fit under this heading.

Several considerations make pre-sale cleaning a wise investment. SERVPRO can ensure that our thorough deep cleaning solutions in Waterbury improve your turnaround time for a house's sale and help you get the maximum purchase offers from interested parties. A tidy and intricately cleaned property makes a vital first impression without saying a word.

Because buyers have high expectations for your home, professional cleaning is critical. We have trusted and experienced SERVPRO professionals for many of the services your property might need to get it ready for the market. We partner with Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) for any repairs or build-back services a home inspection might discover you need.

A Quality Clean Improves Sale Times 

Choosing professional pre-sale cleaning from teams like SERVPRO ensure that you are increasing the value of the house on the market and encouraging interested parties to submit competitive offers. This thorough residence improvement has been proven through surveys to expedite the sale of homes and improve the final purchase amount.

Your Waterbury property on the market only gets one chance to make a first impression, so whether that is the first time a possible buyer enters the house or through images they look at on the internet, you want to ensure the most attractive imagery is available. In this initial effort, you create a scenario where the buyer already knows they desire your property before negotiations start.

What Does Pre-Sale Cleaning Entail? 

Ideally, the cleaning process ahead of listing your home on the market optimizes the attention of prospective buyers. Luxury home purchasers are willing to spend a higher rate to ensure they do not have competition in affording your house. Pre-cleaning goes far beyond the traditional surface cleaning that homeowners can do. It is a targeted, direct, and intricate process to improve appearance and value.

What does pre-sale cleaning even mean? Understanding some of its essential components and focuses can show how this service goes beyond the capabilities of the everyday homeowner. Some of these include:

  • Surfaces – SERVPRO can work to make your home more attractive overall to interested parties by removing dust, dirt, and staining from wall and ceiling surfaces. Smoking stains, for example, can mar several surfaces and require nicotine discoloration removal. We concentrate on all materials throughout the house with focused cleaning, spanning actions like vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and others.
  • Decluttering – While some might consider clutter to look 'lived-in,' this is rarely the appearance a possible buyer is looking for when looking for a new home. You can begin decluttering yourself by downsizing what you no longer need and packing unused items to an off-site location to stage the house appropriately.
  • Cleaning the Kitchen – This is an action-filled area of the house you can expect potential buyers to pay careful attention to. All surfaces must be cleaned, including cupboards and cabinets. SERVPRO can deodorize set-in cooking smells in the kitchen and help to bring out the best appearance to fixtures like the sink, lights, faucets, countertops, and appliances.
  • Bathroom Cleanup - many buyers use the condition of a bathroom to gauge the health and well-being of the house overall. Your direct actions to help keep this space as clean as possible make a difference in the impression a buyer might receive. You must declutter this room from extra soaps, toothbrushes, and other accessories. Attention to detail will be critical, especially in removing embedded grime in shower tiling and even needed deodorization of the space.
  • Cleaning the Bedroom – Our technicians will clean carpets, and drapes can be vacuumed and surface cleaned to provide the best appearance. Walls and fixtures throughout the bedroom will be cleaned and wiped down, especially focus-grabbing pieces in the room, like mirrors and windows. Vents and connected elements of the HVAC system can be inspected and cleaned for any buildup and dust. The bedroom will have several small areas requiring direct attention to detail, including sills, blinds, and installed flooring. Deodorization will also be an essential part of grooming in these rooms, at least a masking agent to leave a pleasant aroma in these spaces.
  • Living Room Improvements – SERVPRO professionals will pay special attention to the living room area. This is often a convening point for potential buyers to discuss their thoughts on the property and the initial entry area upon visiting the house. The front door and the first peek inside the home generate critical first impressions.

Bonnet carpet cleaning improves the color and feel of even older installed carpets, and thorough surface cleaning can make the space appear freshly repainted and renovated. It will be necessary for the crew to take the time to thoroughly dust all surfaces, especially shelving and furniture that has not changed positions in more than a year. Decluttering is also a giant step in improving the living room's look, as it allows new families to imagine their furniture and possessions in these high-traffic areas.

  • Additional Interior Cleaning – The outside of the home might have been enough to attract potential buyers to want to see more, but you need to impress them with all the spaces inside the house as well. While some key areas have gotten addressed, technicians like ours will pay special attention to the condition of sills, ceiling fixtures, appliances, the HVAC and furnace system, and any needed cleanup or restoration for spaces like the basement or attic. This additional recovery is particularly valuable if you feel the area can get marketed as a potential other living or entertainment space with a finishing project.
  • Cleaning Up Outside – One of the most important aspects of any home sale is curb appeal. The exterior appearance of your residence is a selling point to a buyer wanting to see more of the house. Exterior restoration is a specialty of our SERVPRO professionals; from power washing the siding to cleaning up windows and gutter systems, this first impression matters the most. Our technicians help you declutter the outside of your home as well, discarding any rubbish and improving the attractiveness of detached buildings on the grounds like sheds, guest houses, and garages.
  • Improving the Walkway and Entrance – from the time potential buyers first enter the property, you need this walkway to act as a red carpet leading them towards their future. The lawn should be manicured, and the doors and frames should be cleaned and bright. Our team should thoroughly clean the siding and windows. Restoration professionals can also help remove set-in dirt and grime on concrete pathways.

With your property's meticulous and thoughtful cleaning before you advertise on the market, you can have a much easier time selling the home at the price you want. Professional pre-cleaning services like our SERVPRO of Waterbury professionals provide a small investment in both increasing the market value of your property and turning the structure around faster. Give our experienced experts a call today to help at (203) 757-5050.

Cleaning Tips from The Varsity

3/20/2017 (Permalink)

Changing batteries in your smoke alarms is too important of a thing to remember to put on a list with anything else. Daylight Savings is the perfect, proven day.  

So what about everything else? Here are a few tips from the SERVPRO varsity cleaning squad:

Wipe down your walls and ceilings: vacuum from top to bottom and remove dust.  If your walls are dirty (parents!) a mild detergent can bring new life.  SERVPRO Wall’n All is our House Favorite and if you call us, we’ll bring you some . We can even clean the walls for you.  A mild detergent will add a subtle spring fresh scent to the room.

Vacuum and Shampoo rugs: 80% of what is coming out of your rugs is coming out from vacuuming.  We can help with the steam cleaning.  If you want to do it yourself, make sure you know what type of carpet you have and that it won’t be damaged by the process.   Call us either way if you have any concerns.

Change your Power Strips.   If they are older than the equipment plugged into them or if you can’t remember when you bought them, get new ones.   This is a big deal in fire prevention.

Inspect your Ducts: If your ducts haven’t been cleaned in a few years, or if you have pets, unscrew a duct, stick your phone in and take a picture or two.  If you don’t like what you see, Call Us.  We’ll schedule a duct cleaning.

We know you have plenty to do come Spring.   If you do these few things, your home feel as fresh as the Great Outdoors.  We’re here to help.