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It's October, and SERVPRO of Waterbury Raises Awareness in the Community for Early Testing and Treatment of Breast Cancer

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

breast cancer branding logo The SERVPRO of Waterbury is proud to support this worthy organization

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers. In October, We want to support the local Waterbury community by raising awareness for breast cancer's early detection and treatment.

Detecting breast cancer as early as possible helps with the reality that many women do not have access to regular mammograms or preventative treatments. The National Breast Cancer Foundation works year-round to assist women in getting the diagnosis and treatments needed to prevent and beat breast cancer.

SERVPRO Waterbury wants to assist women in the community to get the support they need to diagnose and fight breast cancer. Donations go towards helping women in need of mammograms for early detection and screening. Donate and help fight breast cancer

Holiday Blog

12/20/2016 (Permalink)

If you haven’t noticed, water damage and water emergencies happen any time, even the holidays.  Just take a look at how the film industry incorporates water emergencies into key plot points of holiday movies:

Trading Places:  Dresses as Santa and sopped to the core from pouring rain, Dan Akroyd visits his old firm’s Christmas party with an angry and beaten look.  We clean garments, even after people stuff poached salmon under them.

Home Alone: Drawing on people’s deepest fears, hapless burglar Harry (Joe Pesci) brags that he leaves all the water running when leaving a burgled home in order to flood it.  Water damage is a metaphor for evil to the core.  Tough luck Harry, there is nothing you can do with water in a home we haven’t seen and fixed, "Like it never even happened."

Christmas Vacation:  Cousin Eddie pumps raw sewage and chemicals into the public storm drains outside of the Griswold household, ultimately causing an explosion when accumulated gasses meet the flame of a discarded cigar.  From Day One on the job, our crews are trained to protect our customers and themselves from hazards caused by sewage spills and backups.   Sanitization of the affected area and proper disposal are major concerns.  Don’t let a sewage issue stink up your holidays, call us.  We’d love to help.

Here are a few more examples of Hollywood celebrating the evil of unwanted water:  In 101 Dalmations a thug flies out a window and into a pool.  He emerges as a human frozen pop.   The final fight scene in Lethal Weapon takes place in a dense shower caused by a broken fire hydrant.  Emerging from the water represents the beginning of new life.  There would be no Gremlins or Gremlins 2 if a glass of water was no spilled on a cute Mogwai causing five to spawn from one.  Water gives life even when not convenient and later in the movie when the Mogwai become gremlins and jump in the pool, Water gives life to evil, as with black mold.

The point of all this is water, the cold and holidays don’t really mix.  But just like in the movies, even the most extreme damage from water is only a passing scene when you call SERVPRO of New Haven/Waterbury/Naugatuck Valley/Northern Westchester County.