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Don’t Forget Your Agent

1/25/2017 (Permalink)

Keep Calm quote on a blue background When you see an unimaginable disaster, SERVPRO and your insurance agent are there to help.

If you suffer a property loss, your agent is your ally.

Your agent is the person who is trained and licensed to help you buy appropriate coverage for repair or replacement of your stuff if you suffer a disaster, like a fire, flood, burst pipe or mold.  

While you may not give your agent much thought over time, our team sees them in action every day.

Agents understand your policies. This alone provides valuable reassurance during a disaster and the mitigation process.  Consider:  your condominium (rugs, walls, ceilings, furniture) are soaked by flood in a neighboring unit.  In this case, there likely are three policies in effect: yours, neighbors and owners’ association.

The lines of coverage are not always clear. Your agent knows this and knows your policy.  You just want your stuff dried, cleaned and repaired; and to get on with your life. 

We live in the disaster world and we know what to do and who to speak with to minimize the disruption to you. That is why we are such fans of engaged agents. 

Summer Heat

9/15/2016 (Permalink)

Hot Summer Sun

The Tale of A Quiet Summer

Our blog takes place in Hot and Dry Connecticut and Northern Westchester County

The Scene: A front porch two somewhat comfortable chairs, a table with a sweating pitcher of Lemonade and a couple glasses

Enter: Mel and Arn (A couple of old timers) (sit down)

Mel.  I just turned on the sprinkler.  Not much left to water.

Arn. lights a smoke:  I read August was the hottest month since 1872 in Connecticut and all over Southern New England.

Mel. chuckling: No Kidding.  Hottest year since W.B Dubois was the first African American to earn a doctorate from Harvard.

Arn.  That’s right.  Same year Babe Ruth was born in Charm City and George Selden patented the automobile.

Mel.  nods:  Driest Summer in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts since 1872.  Absentmindedly over pours lemonade.

Arn. huffing hot and agitated:  Aren’t you the SERVPRO? (sarcastically)

Mel. Calm down, don’t make a trauma scene.  You’re going to worry about a little spilled lemonade?…. The last time it was this hot Susan B. Anthony was arrested for casting a vote in the presidential election.

Arn.  Huh huh… I suppose that’s right… A U.S. Grant woman.  1872? One of the years Mt Vesuvias erupted fire and smoke where Pompeii used to be.

Mel.  Some thing that.  Go there today, you can see the remains of Pompeii and just up the road people going about their business Like It Never Even Happened

Virus Cleaning

6/10/2016 (Permalink)

microscopic view of a virus Human Viruses

SERVPRO technicians are trained to clean virus infected  areas,  including those affected by  Norovirus, C. Diff, and Mersa.  The viruses can bring productivity in a workplace or school to a standstill.

 Norovirus alone affects between 19 and 21 million people each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

“You can get norovirus from an infected person, contaminated food or water, or by touching contaminated surfaces,” according to the CDC. 

Clostritium Difficile, C. Diff is a bacterium that causes colitis.  People who take antibiotics for an extended period of time are particularly vulnerable.   The bacteria originates in feces and is spread by healthcare workers or by contact with any surface that are contaminated, such as toilets and other places in bathrooms.

MRSA is a staph infection resilient to many antibiotics.  MRSA is spread by skin to skin contact.  At risk populations include high-school wrestlers, child care workers or people who live in crowded conditions.    Symptoms include painful red bumps that can turn into abscesses, according to the Mayo Clinic.   If the bacteria burrows into the body it can cause potentially life-threatening infections.

MRSA can be spread by contaminated items so once detected it is important to sanitize any potentially affected areas.

If your workplace, home or school is affected with these or other viruses, call SERVPRO for New Haven/Waterbury/Naugatuck Valley or No. Westchester County.  We will work with you developing a cleaning strategy that causes the least interruption. 

While You Were Enjoying the Weather...

1/25/2016 (Permalink)

In the Northeast we know that the brief but fierce snow last weekend is but the first strike of real winter.  In a few weeks, the November rounds of golf and endless summer are likely to be distant memories.

At SERVPRO of New Haven/Waterbury/Naugatuck Valley/No.Westchester County, we are more than ready.  We are fielding the strongest team in many years.  Our Crews spent the last four months doing intensive training in all aspects of the mitigation business.

We had 10 different people pass our internal water certification course which is built on the foundation of SERVPRO and IICRC best practices.  The course consists of reading, video and a mentoring program with our Managers.

We achieved five new IICRC certifications among our crew members and managers.

And we implemented general service training so every business and home owner will receive outstanding communication and conduct from everyone wearing the SERVPRO uniform.... and yes we got spiffy new uniforms.

Why?  SERVPRO of New Haven/Waterbury/Naugatuck Valley/No.Westchester County is committed to setting the standard of excellence in both residential and commercial large loss.

Our training programs assure that we man every job with experienced supervisors versed in industry expectations and best practices.  From our 33K square foot facility in the heart of the state, we are ready to respond for anything from a small issue at a condiminium to a major commercial event.

We don't wish ourselves on anyone but we are ready to help when the unexpected does happen.