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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Our Swift Response Will Save Your Waterbury Home

10/26/2019 (Permalink)

home after being restored We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Giving Waterbury Residents in Need of Restoration Services the Opportunity to Act Decisively

Home emergencies require care and attention to get your property back to its best. Our company invests both time and resources into restoration services. We provide our technicians with the equipment they need to get the job done. In return, they commit themselves to gain nationally recognized qualifications as well as bringing passion and enthusiasm to each job. As a specialist restoration company, we can also help you with biohazardous waste cleanup and asbestos abatement. Whatever your disaster, we are on hand to get your Waterbury property back to the way it was pre-damage.

Enlisting professional restoration services after fire damage in your Waterbury home can reduce the stress and time-consuming nature of home emergencies. It is vital to reach out to SERVPRO as quickly as possible to ensure your home has the best chance of a full restoration. High temperatures can cause finishes on floorboards, appliances, walls, tiles, and ceilings to melt. Exposed surfaces like this are more likely to sustain permanent damages, which is why acting at the earliest opportunity is essential.

One area that Waterbury residents can benefit from SERVPRO restoration services is odor control. Materials that burn during a fire release toxins which can quickly become odorous. These malodors are especially prevalent in melting plastics, but all types of fire produce an unpleasant reminder of the event. We have nationally accredited odor control technicians (OCT) who can perform restoration of both the property and your indoor air quality.

Hot smoke is naturally attracted to cooler surfaces. It is common for the most significant buildup of odor, causing deposits to be located in cavities and crevices like draws, ventilation systems, and ceiling light fittings. High-pressure fires can force odors deeper into materials exacerbated the odor issue. It is virtually impossible to locate and clean all sources of odor in your Waterbury home. However, SERVPRO crew members can perform full deodorization using foggers, pellets, and spray-on solvents to remove unpleasant, lingering smells.

While many homeowners dread the appearance of mold, the fundamental aspects of remediation do not need to be a costly expense. Like all living things, mold needs water, food supply, and temperature to survive. When tackling mold damage in your Waterbury home, it is essential to remove, manage, or replace these three factors to prevent reoccurring issues. Enlisting the help of a qualified SERVPRO remediation expert can limit the harm-causing aspects of microbial growth on your home and contents.

To remove the water supply and stop mold coming back, we first need to understand why it was able to grow in the first place. SERVPRO can trace the appearance of fungi back to its source, temporarily removing physical barriers like drywall, floorboards, or furnishings along the way. Most commonly, the source of moisture comes from a slow leak or inadequate insulation in some areas of the property. Shutting off the source of moisture can ensure that mold does not return after cleaning, and removal is complete.

The next step in the restoration services is to remove and dispose of infested materials. Microbes spread quickly and, being microscopic, are invisible to the naked eye. Porous materials are especially vulnerable to microbial infestation, which can include sections of the drywall as well as insulation. The safest bet is to remove these materials entirely and replace them. These actions are typically inexpensive but can go a long way in reducing mold remediation expenses in the long run.

There is a difference between removing moisture from a property and drying it. Water removal only covers the visible signs of water damage in your Waterbury home but does nothing to prevent materials or contents from absorbing moisture. SERVPRO restoration services employ the correct drying techniques you need to ensure that water-incidents are dealt with comprehensively at the time. Failure to address the whole of the issue can cause any number of issues further down the line, including mold growth.

Proper drying techniques use psychrometrics to encourage evaporation while controlling humidity and condensation. SERVPRO trucks are stocked with rapid-air moving devices, dehumidifiers as well as heavy-duty extraction equipment. However, most relevant to a water restoration technician are the moisture sensors, meters, and hygrometers. This equipment all provide psychrometric readings and allow SERVPRO technicians to take a scientifically accurate reading of the drying process in real-time.

Faster drying times are reachable by manipulating temperature, air movement, and humidity. We can apply this approach to your Waterbury home in two distinct ways. The first is by natural air currents, achieved by opening windows and airing materials. The second is by creating a controlled environment and using equipment to create airflow temperature and dehumidification artificially. These are known as open and closed system drying techniques. A SERVPRO technician is trained to understand which is more appropriate to use in any given situation. By applying the correct method, we can significantly reduce the stress and inconvenience of water-incidents while ensuring the expected outcome is met.

An adverse weather event can result in severe storm damage to your Waterbury home. Often, residents need to bring in general contractors to reconstruct particular areas of damage. As a restoration service, our role at SERVPRO is to prepare your home so that general contractors can complete their jobs. By doing so, we ensure that you can return to a safe and secure property as quickly as possible.

Our first duty is to perform scoping tasks that can spot potential hazards like loose wiring or a weakened structure. During the scoping phase, SERVPRO technicians can assess your flooring to see if it has become waterlogged or weakened, remove debris, and restore power to the property. If windows or doors are broken, we can put up emergency boarding to secure the property and prevent trespass. It is common during scoping for technicians to take note of any emergency mitigation tasks that could reduce or limit your losses.

Mitigation tasks revolve around slowing or stopping potential losses by acting quickly to remove the source of damage. We may set up a drying zone in certain areas to reduce the likelihood of secondary water or mold damage. The carpets of your Waterbury home may benefit from preliminary cleaning and covering. In some cases, we may need to remove hazardous waste. In prepping the property, SERVPRO can help to speed up the process of repair and significantly reduce the claims expense of these unexpected events.

By reaching out to a professional restoration service, you gain the ability to take back control of unpredictable and debilitating situations. For water, mold, storm, or fire damages, contact SERVPRO of Waterbury at (203) 757-5050.


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