Fire Damage Photo Gallery

badly burned and charred garage interior

Prospect Fire Loss in a Garage

Stored chemicals, pesticides, and paints, being combustible products, can ignite, as happened in this Prospect garage. The Cleanup, when done speedily by our SERVPRO techs, can greatly mitigate the secondary damages to the living area of this house. We can make containment barriers to help reduce the debris and odors from infiltrating from the affected area.

corner of a room showing soot on the walls and the spots of darker residues

Fire and Soot Damage in Cheshire

The semi-gloss painted walls and ceilings in this Cheshire home show soot deposits on the flat surfaces, and stronger in the corners and the metal fastener with the dark spots. SERVPRO techs can carefully wipe off the residues and prevent the removal of any of these building materials; deodorization is needed to eliminate the unseen but felt malodors.

kitchen with fire damage and torn out cabinets

Extensive Fire Damage to Waterbury Kitchen

The fire damage left behind in this Waterbury kitchen left the cabinets damaged and a large amount of smoke damage on the walls and ceiling. SERVPRO technicians have different types of cleaning agents to handle all types of smoke residues.

darkened tape lines and drywall screw heads from the heat and smoke on the ceiling

Cheshire Evidence of Fire Damage

The heat from the fire downstairs heated the sheetrock screws, and the soot stuck to these areas. The ceiling in this Cheshire home was not physically damaged, and SERVPRO technicians can wipe down and then prime the surfaces with a special primer. This saves our customer plenty of money in unnecessary demolition and reconstruction.

cream kitchen cabinets with a white microwave built in

Back in Business

This Kitchen required deodorization and heavy cleaning to remove the soot from a kitchen fire.  We responded quickly and used appropriate techniques for three different affected surface materials and used the most advance deodorization equipment to put allow this family to function without missing a beat.

Microwave Fire Disaster

A kitchen fire started in a microwave oven.  Using specialty cleaning products, SERVPRO of Waterbury restores cabinets, a microwave and even a textured ceiling to pre loss condition with minimal disruption to the homeowners.